Bookkeeping Services for Accountants

We deliver greater value and efficiencies to accountants when they refer their clients’ bookkeeping to us on a preferred provider basis.

By partnering with Success Bookkeeping for bookkeeping services, accounting firms can benefit from having more of their clients’ bookkeeping done to the same excellent standard and in a way that is integrated with your practice and your processes.

Benefits to accounting firms who partner with Success Bookkeeping:

Increased efficiency

  • Accounts, draft management reports and working papers can be prepared to the accountant’s specification
  • Bookkeeping and interfacing processes and protocols can be aligned and consistent
  • A close working relationship allows accountants to develop confidence in our work over time
  • Reduced time, effort and risk in sourcing and briefing new bookkeepers for clients
  • A closely aligned bookkeeper is best placed to spot issues for accountants to handle in advance
  • Accountants offer clients a one stop solution that includes bookkeeping, while outsourcing the services to Success Bookkeeping


  • With a team to draw on, we can offer a more reliable service than in-house staff, or contractor bookkeepers.

Maintain and grow your client relationships

  • Our partner accountants continue to manage the relationship with their clients. All services provided by Success Bookkeeping to mutual clients remain at the discretion of the accountant client manager.
  • Success Bookkeeping compliments and supplements its accountant partner’s staff to provide professional resources that can deliver value-add services and projects on behalf of the firm, including:
  • Business process mapping and reviews
  • Financial modelling and cash flow forecasting
  • Software implementations and training
  • Business plan and strategy development and writing
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Benchmarking reports
  • Cost reduction reviews and projects

Service models

Success Bookkeeping works with its accountant partners to develop a service model that suits all parties. Options include:

  • Referral model – Success Bookkeeping is referred to, and provides services directly to the accountant’s clients. Our scope of work and responsibilities to the client are agreed and documented.
  • In-house services model – Accountants are engaged by their clients to provide bookkeeping services that are delivered by Success Bookkeeping as providers to the accounting firm. The accountants remain responsible to the client for the delivery of the services, while engaging us for reliable delivery of some or all of the bookkeeping services to agreed standards.
  • Project engagement – Success Bookkeeping can provide skilled and professional resources to represent its accountant partners on a project by project basis.